Nature's Miracle

For Odor Elimination:

  1. Wipe up excess odor-causing material, then thoroughly soak area with Nature's Miracle No More Marking' Stain & Odor Remover With Natural Repellent
  2. Wait five minutes, then blot dry with a cloth. Allow to dry completely for more complete odor elimination.
  3. While treated areas dry, keep pets away. For tough odors in carpets (e.g., urine), apply enough to reach all odor-causing material. This may mean lifting carpet and applying directly to the pad and floor. Wait one hour, then blot dry. Allow treated area to air dry completely before expecting complete odor elimination

To Prevent Repetitive Pet Marking:

Thoroughly soak previously stained area with this product. Wait five minutes, then pat area with a cloth. For areas that have been repeatedly marked, a second application may be needed.


  1. Shake before using.
  2. Always use this product full strength.
  3. Always use Nature's Miracle No More Marking' formula first! Other cleaners and detergents may fail and chemically "set" stains that will be impossible to remove.