Stainless Steel Pet Dog Water And Food Bowl

Non-Slip Food & Water Bowl for Dogs, Cats, Pets

Amazon Basics Pet Food and Water bowl for dogs, cats, pets

Stainless-Steel Pet Bowl

Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, the pet food and water bowl is a durable alternative to plastic, washes easily and makes mealtimes more tidy.

Amazon Basics stainless steel, 38-ounce dog food bowl

38-Ounce Capacity

The no-tip bowl with wide non-slip base holds up to 38 ounces—perfect for dry kibble, wet food, fresh water or treats. Suitable for dogs, cats, pets.

Amazon Basics non-tip pet food bowl with non-slip base

Rubber Slip-Resistant Base

Fitted with a rubber ring on the bottom to stay in place and help protect floors, the bowl stays put while your pet eats or drinks.

Amazon Basics dishwasher safe stainless steel food and water bowl

Dishwasher Safe

The stainless-steel bowl cleans up quickly and easily in the dishwasher or by hand.